Air Shipment Tracking Services

In the Freight Forwarding Industry, knowing where your goods are at all times is vital and GAC offers a variety of streamlined platforms to enable that. Over the years, we have developed an expertise in developing middle ware technologies that allow us to communicate with your applications whether they are home grown or outsourced. Our experience tells us that all systems and applications are different but the need to communicate in a single language for more visibility and transparency is universal. Our multitude of applications are built to do just that, meaning no matter the system or the location, we make the connection.

Monitoring movements and keeping customers up to date is at the core of our operations. As part of our methodology, we have developed a number of tools to trigger alerts and market updates essential for your business. This means that you are aware of the status of all your shipments and any external factors impacting their movement.

We will be soon launching a Client Dashboard using which our esteemed clients can track status of their shipments by entering the Air Way Bill No.